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Rethinking Business Innovation

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

(Check back often, as agenda details will be updated regularly)

7:30am - 9:00am

Registration and Sponsored Morning Coffee
[Gershwin Foyer]

9:00am - 10:40am

Welcoming Remarks [Gershwin Ballroom]

Opening Keynote: The New Master Architecture – Enabling the Boundary-free Enterprise

Speaker: William S. McNee, Founder and CEO, Saugatuck Technology

We are now witnessing the emergence of a new Master Architecture that is not based on a single computing-platform paradigm, but rather on multiple technologies and platforms that build synergies among themselves through loosely-coupled and opportunistic exchanges of value. Today’s businesses and individuals are less encumbered by constraints of time and place, doing their work through a new array of time- and location-independent computing capabilities – Cloud, Mobile, Social/Collaboration and Data Analytics (CMSA) plus Integration – that make the Boundary-free Enterprise™ possible. Integration is the glue that links these capabilities together and joins them to on-premises data assets in data centers where mission-critical money systems still operate behind highly-secure firewalls.

This presentation will highlight key trends driving the adoption of Cloud IT and Cloud Business strategies and the emergence of the Boundary-free Enterprise.

Featured Presentation: Rethinking IT and Reinventing Business with Cloud

Speaker: Paul Loftus, General Manager, Cloud Managed Services and Offering Management, GTS, IBM

Many organizations are adopting cloud, attracted by the IT efficiencies, speed and flexibility that cloud delivers. But is cloud only about rethinking the IT model? To fully realize the potential of cloud, organizations also need to understand the opportunity for cloud-enabled business transformation and innovation.  In this session, Mr. Loftus will share insights from an IBM/EIU study of cloud's role in enabling business transformation and innovation that incorporated input from over 500 global business leaders. He will also provide tangible examples of how cloud is being used for business transformation and innovation within an industry context .

Panel: The Cloud and Business Innovation – Guiding IT and the Enterprise

Session Leader: Bruce Guptill, SVP and Head of Research, Saugatuck Technology   Panelists: Rich Roseman, VP and Corporate CIO at News Corp, Yuvi Kochar, CTO at The Washington Post Company, Greg Buoncontri, EVP and CIO at Pitney Bowes

The Boundary-free Enterprise brings big and unexpected change in the roles and responsibilities of enterprise IT and its leaders. This session spotlights the key changes underway – what is working and what is not in the Cloud today – and provides guidance and best practices from skilled CIOs and CTOs on how to anticipate, manage, and build better IT and business from those changes.

10:40am - 10:55am

Sponsored Morning Break / Networking
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 10:55am - 12:10pm


Panel:  Managing Risk and Reward in the Boundary-free Enterprise [Gershwin Ballroom]

Session Leader: Mike West, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Saugatuck Technology   Panelists: Gary Lynch, Managing Director at Marsh, Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Strategic Advisor at Citi, Ed Beesley, CIO at SGS, Louis Nauges, Blogger and CIO Advisor

The move to the Boundary-free Enterprise™ and its enabling Master Architecture is impacting both the way business is being conducted, and the portfolio of technologies required to enable this change. On both sides of the proposition – on the risk side and on the reward side – there are management issues to be addressed, yet most enterprises are just beginning to understand the approaches necessary to manage the risk and reward of this transformation to the Boundary-free Enterprise.

What are the key challenges, the risks to manage and the expected rewards? Our panelists will present their first-hand experiences and some of the best practices that are helping them to manage this major transformation.

Fireside Chat: Aligning for Growth and Transformation: Rethinking Business Applications

With Shawn Reynolds, Global Senior Director, Cloud GTM Strategy, SAP
Hosted by Bruce Guptill, Saugatuck Technology

12:10pm - 1:00pm

Sponsored Seated Lunch / Networking
[New York Atrium, 9th Floor]

1:00pm - 3:15pm

Beacon Innovation Awards
[Gershwin Ballroom]


Presentor: William S. McNee and Bruce Guptill, Saugatuck Technology, James Ericson, Editorial Director,

 Panel: Cloud Infrastructure – Maximizing Value at What Cost and Risk?

Session Leader: Charlie Burns, VP, Saugatuck Technology   Panelists: Treb Ryan, Chief Strategy Officer at Dimension Data Cloud Solutions, Emery Csulak, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer at the Department of Homeland Security, Graham Hill, SVP Cloud Infrastructure at Citi, Dr. Robert Cohen, Director, ECLC at TMForum.

Cloud is typically sold – and, bought – with the vision of increased infrastructure efficiencies or lower infrastructure costs coupled with adequate service levels and security. However, experience is showing that Cloud deployments can potentially entail significant (and often unforeseen) exposures and ongoing expense that range from high costs of virtualizing the environment, to software licensing charges to run in the Cloud, to challenges of dealing with increased complexity and new security concerns. This panel will explore the realities of a Cloud infrastructure and identify cost elements, security exposures, and benefits to consider.

Featured Presentation: The Business Value of Digital Transformation

Speaker: Michael Pearl, Principal and US Cloud Leader, PwC

How are enterprises evolving their business rapidly enough to match the pace of global competition and technological change? How can emerging technologies help improve customer engagement, drive new service lines and revenue streams, reinvent go-to-market models and optimize operational models? How does this digital transformation impact strategy, people, process, governance and risk profile? This presentation leverages data from PwC's 15th Global CEO Survey and PwC's 4th Digital IQ survey -- as well as industry case studies -- to help enterprises consider their strategic digital transformation journey and priorities.

Panel: Cloud Business Applications and Platforms: A New Paradigm

Session Leader: William McNee, Founder and CEO, Saugatuck Technology   Panelists: Colleen Smith, VP at Progress Software, Scott Skellenger, Sr. Director at Illumina, Joe McKendrick, Blogger at Forbes and ZDNet, Ali Shadman, SVP at Infor

While the deployment of new software-as-a-service (SaaS) business solutions continue to dominate spending in the Cloud, the ability to extend and integrate them with others and on-premises applications via Platform-as-a-Service capabilities has begun to create an advantage for providers in both offering categories, and to solidify their ISV networks. This applies to both stand-alone, best-of-breed Cloud Business Solutions but also collections of offerings that are being offered via loosely coupled architectures, as customers increasingly voice a preference for single-vendor and multi-vendor suites when focusing on core systems of record.

This panel will look at examples of this new and emerging paradigm, their advantages and challenges, risks and rewards. Our panelists will present their views on the key issues driving demand for SaaS solutions, as well as provide examples of how the new paradigms of Cloud Business Applications and Cloud Development Platforms can provide value through synergy, as well as present new management challenges.

3:15pm - 3:30pm

Sponsored Afternoon Break / Networking
[Broadway Foyer]

3:30pm - 5:00pm

The Reality of Cloud Analytics and Business [Gershwin Ballroom]

Session Leader: Bruce Guptill, SVP and Head of Research, Saugatuck Technology   Panelists: Michael Lemberger, VP Business Insights Group at American Express, Nithin Johnson, VP at Citi, Will Klancko, Global Data Management Leader at GE Energy Management, Hodan Hassan, Managing Director at Unicef

There’s no question that data analytics is becoming integrative in all aspects of business management. However, the myriad options and approaches available are often making it difficult to drive maximum benefit to the business and IT. This panel will focus on some of the best practices that are demonstrating the greatest benefits and bottom line results. Further, it will chart the growth and influence of analytics over the next several years, and develop a roadmap for IT and business leaders to enable the most effective use of analytics in business planning and operational management.

Panel: Mobility, Collaboration and Social Business – Key drivers of Business Innovation

Session Leader: Mike West, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Saugatuck Technology   Panelists: Jason Maynard, Managing Director and Senior Technology Analyst, Wells Fargo Securities, Alberto Yépez, Managing Director at Trident Capital, Kris Tuttle, Director of Research at Soundview Technology Group, Alex Bakker, Senior Analyst at Saugatuck Technology

To what extent will Collaboration, Social Nets and Mobility drive business innovation in the Boundary-free Enterprise™? Will Social Nets and Collaboration tools function as standalone platforms for linking ad hoc organizations around work for information exchange?  Or will these tools integrate with business workflows to enable collaborative information exchanges and decision processes? What role will Mobility play to increase the utility of collaboration and social networking in such business functions as CRM/SFA, Customer Support, Finance and Accounting, ERP, GRC, Human Resources, Procurement, Supply Chain and others? This panel will look at what’s possible today and just over the horizon for these business innovation tools and the new functionality that will soon be required. Our panelists will present their views and provide examples of how Collaboration, Social Nets and Mobility are enabling business innovation.


5:00pm - 6:00pm

Sponsored Networking Reception
[Gershwin Foyer]


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